It’s getting really hot in southern Quebec. Here’s where you can cool off

Cities like Montreal, Laval, Longueuil and Quebec City are trying to help residents deal with the sweltering heat. Here are…

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New ballet in Niagara tells story of internment of Japanese Canadians during WW II

A new ballet opening this weekend in the Niagara Region tells the story of life before, during and after Japanese…

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Speed bump approval process too slow for Aldersbrook resident

A London man is left frustrated by the city’s approval process for getting speed bumps and other traffic calming measures…

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Extreme heat days are overheating schools more often — and experts say it needs our attention

Overheated classrooms are becoming more common amid more frequent instances of extreme heat. In some regions, that rising heat also coincides…

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She just had a C-section. The Landlord and Tenant Board says she has to move out in weeks

Cristina Ribeiro thought the house she and her family were renting in a Milton, Ont., subdivision would be a place…

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Scarce drinking fountains in Windsor, Ont., limits accessible options during heat wave

CBC News spoke with several people along Windsor’s riverfront trail at the start of a heat dome. Many said they…

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